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RS Acne Kit
Reduced strength kit for
mild to moderate Acne

FS Acne Kit
Full strength kit for
moderate to very severe Acne

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CORESA Acne Treatment Kits have helped thousands of men, women, and teens with acne problems at all levels... from mild, to very severe.

More powerful than any Acne Treatment you've seen on TV or in stores, this amazing European formula restores beautiful, smooth skin once ravaged by acne.

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Amazing Results you Can't Ignore!
Only CORESA Helps...
Clear Up Acne Fast... no matter how severe!
Prevent Pock Marks & Scarring
Destroy Bacteria that Causes Acne to Return
Make your Skin Beautiful & Smooth

CORESA - The Best Solution for Acne
We take Acne Seriously
We look at Acne as more than just a cosmetic inconvenience. It's a serious physical and possibly psychological problem, which must be treated quickly to avoid more serious skin problems such as scarring and pock marks.

FACT:  CORESA has developed the best formula available for eliminating Acne at its source... deep within the skin's surface.

Used by Professionals Around the World

For years we've trained and approved dermatologists, cosmetologists and aestheticians worldwide to administer our Professional Products to clients with severe acne problems.

FACT:  Clients had flown in from far-away places at great expense to experience the services of professionals exclusively trained by CORESA.

These people had little or no hope.

But amazingly, their Acne problems were eliminated.

We understand that not everyone has the time and money to travel to an exclusive spa or salon in Europe to receive our world-class Acne Treatments.

So after much research, and with the help of chemists and scholars in the United States, we have made sure our acne products are the strongest and safest available anywhere in this country without a prescription.

and now...

CORESA Acne Products have been
Approved for you to use at home!

Now you can give yourself the same effective acne treatment in the comfort of your own home.


Deemed SAFE and EFFECTIVE by the USFDA, The Ministries of Health of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Israel, England, South Africa, Korea and Taiwan.

All the countries mentioned above gave Coresa products their "seal of approval", so you can bet our products are absolutely safe.  And these countries are some of the most difficult to satisfy with respect to product safety!

But don't be fooled.... Coresa is very, very strong.

Maximum-Strength Formula

This is no "store shelf" formula.

Our products are not mild. They work hard to fight a difficult problem.

Our key ingredient is Salicylic Acid, and it's been proven to clear Acne faster & safer than anything else on the market.  Salicylic Acid is a natural, safe substance extracted from wintergreen leaves, sweet birch & other plants.

You've probably had Acne for years, and tried everything on the market with little, or no results at all.

That's all about to change.  It's time to fight fire with fire.

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